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Who We Are - The Roundstone Team

We specialize in high performance leadership, change management, and cultural transformations. In times of constant, sometimes radical change, we believe human relationships based on trust and respect, are central to creating an agile and resilient workforce. People need to learn and adapt faster and more effectively then ever before. Roundstone’s approach to revitalizing an organization is to work from the inside out -- revealing areas within the collective beliefs, interpretations, and habitual actions that are inconsistent with the overall vision.

We are inspired by the magic of people learning together. Moving from an old paradigm into the new is not a personal venture –– it is a social, cultural and conscious effort. Roundstone provides the necessary tools to sculpt a new tomorrow, by coaching people to deal with issues up front, using honest communication in the now. Our work allows our clients to let go of the past, and design the present based on a future they wish to create.

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