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How We Do It

“It's never enough to just tell people about some new insight. Rather, you have to get them to experience it in a way that evokes its power and possibility. Instead of pouring knowledge into people's heads, you need to help them grind a new set of eyeglasses so they can see the world in a new way.”
John Seely Brown

Interaction between humans is the most powerful force on earth, it’s also the most challenging. Roundstone teaches leaders how to partner with the dynamic and productive forces of human nature to maximize all interactions. Encouraging leaders and management to see the wisdom in moving beyond old control paradigms, to trust their people to be responsible and competent at their jobs, while fostering an environment where learning, play, and risk-taking result in breakthrough innovation.

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At Roundstone, we know what we do works on a individual and macro level in every organization. We generally don’t invest significant time collecting exhaustive surveys and data in order to assess every root cause of misalignment or dysfunction, unless requested. On day one, beginning with senior leadership, we work quickly to identify the underlying issues limiting leadership and the organization. As a transformational campaign unfolds, we continuously assess, adjust, and report: working to consistently connect leadership, strategy, and culture to the meaning behind the vision. Understanding, it’s not what the vision is, but what the vision does that matters.

As masters in the field of human development, Roundstone works with: CEO’s, board members, non-profits, governments, human resource departments, and with Lean and Agile specialists, to create healthy learning organizations that successfully navigate in constantly changing, high velocity environments.

Everything we do is proprietary, developed and refined from 30 years of field experience in human psychology, leadership development, change management and organizational transformation. Our experienced personnel, training programs, meeting systems, deliverables, and on demand video training library, are tested and designed to consistently achieve and sustain measurable performance goals into the future. 

In return for undertaking a Roundstone culture change initiative you can expect:

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