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What Our Clients Are Saying

Roundstone assisted us in guiding the transition of the company from a fragmented federation of loosely controlled units to a cohesive organization focused on the direct marketing of financial products. This involved working with a number of diverse cultures around the globe. Their assistance in this organizational transformation was invaluable. They were able to work effectively at a number of levels, from the Board of Directors to first-line employees.
Peggy Webster, COO & General Counsel
ESG Re Ltd.
If there ever was a ‘silver bullet’ for engaging the full potential of an organization, Roundstone is it. They help you discover the power of having your people work WITH you. If you believe in your employees and co-workers, and are willing to take a personal risk, they will show you how to listen to them in a different way, guide them with a new set of skills, and share the leadership with them (so they can truly enhance yours).
Sylvain-Yves Longval, VP of Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness
Abitibi Consolidated, Inc.
Observing the way Leslie operates is a good education. She demonstrates an uncommon intellectual honesty, freely challenging others while offering encouragement and patience. She is energetic, well organized, and knows how to make a difference.
John Kemp, Director
Guinness Brewing Worldwide
Our goal was, in a reasonably short time, to make a major step forward in all areas of our business. Roundstone showed us how to bring people together and get to the bottom of issues that kept us from making a quantum leap forward. There’s a new level of trust here and the results have been great. We’ve become world leaders in productivity, safety, efficiency and costs. The mill has just leaped forward. Roundstone helped stimulate the creativity that was already here. The key to change was the power that came from pulling people together and seeing everyone as a leader as opposed to the authoritarian way of the past. Getting input from our 400 employees generated a lot more power than seven or eight managers trying to figure it all out.
Bob Collez, General Manager
Augusta Paper Mill
You might have numbers, strategies, and plans but if you don’t have people with the right attitude, you’re not going anywhere. Roundstone’s program is worth the money because the return through trust and confidence is ten-fold. Once you build trust, your company can go anywhere. Management by the numbers doesn’t work. Roundstone’s approach does.
Dick Dorris, Vice President and Regional Manager
Snowflake Mill
I do feel as if I know myself better as a person and as a manager as result of working with Roundstone. It’s a challenge but it’s made a definite difference in my leadership skills
Dick Schaefer, Maintenance Manager
Augusta Newsprint Mill
Roundstone’s training helps you to understand how you see yourself and how others see you as a leader. If you go to one of their trainings knowing you have an interpersonal problem with people, you’ll get some tough information and be challenged to deal with your problem. It takes courage to engage in these sessions. I’ve used the training quite a bit and even brought some of it home to share with my wife
Phone Interview with Gord Oldford,
Cynicism was a major factor. But when Roundstone came in, people began to trust that they could say what they had to say. That was extremely constructive
John Kemp, Director Licensed Brewing and Development Markets for Africa
Guinness Brewing Worldwide
Our culture here has evolved and a lot of our improvements are due to improved management and basic people skills. Roundstone’s approach is at the leading edge.
Ken Li, Production Manager
Augusta Newsprint Mill
Before Roundstone came into the mill, you could leave your brain at home. Now the hourly workers have more freedom to do their jobs without someone standing over us all the time. We feel more connected to our work and take more responsibility.
Perry Willard, Planner of Maintenance
Augusta Newsprint Mill
Roundstone benefited me in two very important ways: helping me to see that I could achieve more than I thought I was capable of and giving me very good skills for becoming a leader of others. Having my own coach asking “What are you struggling with? Where can we help?” was reinforcing and kept me going forward.
Susan Rogers, VP of Corp. Communications
Abitibi Price
The Roundstone training was exactly what I was looking for - I dove right into it The listening skills they taught have helped me improve tremendously as a leader - now I have more control over my attention and am able to stop, center myself and spend quality time listening to people.
Sylvain-Yves Longval, , Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness
Abitibi Consolidated
Abitibi Bowate
Barry Callebaut
Campbell Soup Company
The Chicago Community Trust
Chrysler Corporation
Dannon Company
Discover Financial Services
Guinness Brewing
Millennium Challenge Corporation
General Electric
Kitco Metals

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