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Foundational Program

The Roundstone Foundational Training is designed to increase your ability to think and act from a different relationship to yourself,  your colleagues and your enterprise.  Communication skills—listening and speaking—are of paramount importance and a competitive advantage focusing on delivering results within project timeframes.

Program participants will learn to:

  • Learn to build trust in your relationships and what actions to take when trust is broken down
  • Recognize and clear up conversations and frustrations effectively with team members and bosses
  • Become a more open listener
  • Develop more partnership is your relationships
  • Create a vision of how you would like things to be and make commitments consistent with your vision
  • Identify which actions to stop and which to start to better achieve the vision.

Other trainings include:

  • Building Trust and Rebuilding Relationships For Partnerships
  • Creating a Powerful Future in the Mist of Change
  • Cooperation and Coordination inside of Projects

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