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Nancy Wilson, James Morrell, and Kelly Cue man, Store Managers

James Morrell’s project was to change the store’s physical layout in order to use space more efficiently and make it more accessible for customers. He used the communication skills he learned at Team Skills & Coaching to elicit the support and trust of his boss and team in implementing his idea. Challenges and concerns were addressed, ideas exchanged, and a plan developed and implemented. Now the store sells more bulk and non-food items in what had been underutilized space.

Nancy used the “communication self-confidence” she gained through Team Skills & Coaching to start a revenue-generating nutritional consultancy program. The program was developed with the help of two nutritionists who worked for the store but whose talents were underutilized. “I normally would not have shared my idea,” she admits. “When you take the risk to talk about your ideas, you see more possibilities and opportunities.”

Kelly’s project targeted the University of Vermont (UVM) as a means to increase customer sales. She worked with her team to develop a meaningful strategic partnership with the university that has really paid off. “The amount of revenue from UVM that we have so far this fall is way higher than it’s ever been.”

Team Skills & Coaching helped Kelly understand exactly how she worked with people – an insight that fueled the UVM partnership project. In the past, when something didn’t get done, Kelly would do it herself. This time, Kelly asked her coworkers to “catch” her whenever she covered for someone. By trusting her team, she could address breakdowns as they happened.

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