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New Possibilities Through Intentional Action


I love it when I discover a piece of knowledge that pierces some preconception or a study that makes something difficult suddenly feel doable.

Here are a few offerings I have come upon recently that I believe do just that and open up new possibilities.

  1. A PowerPoint about the Netflix culture written and shared by the CEO and head talent officer.
  2. Future Trends in Leadership Development   a white paper written by Nick Pitre from the Center for Creative Leadership.
  3. A TedTalk with Charles Duhigg describing his book the Power of Habit and some of his findings.

BLOG CHALLENGE: POW (Practice Of the Week)–for more evidence that this will change your life, read the Power of Habit and QOW (Quote Of the Week) chosen to inspire you! Do the practice at least 3 times (more if you aim for elite performance) and read the quote everyday–put it where you can see it.


POW (Practice Of the Week) 

MOODS—The mood you are in is a reflection of what you are saying and thinking about the future. Your mood is contagious and permeates your entire being. Your mood speaks louder then your words.

What is your mood?
Write it down.
Identify what you are saying about the future.
If you don’t like your mood or if your mood is making you and others unhappy, create a new way to think and speak about your future. Write it down, share it and act from it. 


QOW (Quote Of the Week)

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." -Carl Jung

EXTRA, EXTRA COACHING, in CrossFit we call it a cookie, I guess because its like dessert; read and watch recommended material below.


Enjoy and please share with your friends and colleagues!

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