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Proactive Offers

Proactive offers embody the spirit of customer service and strengthen your ability to build relationships. Proactively taking care of business relationships is a skill that can increase business, enhance your ability to get things done and help you build a reputation as a visionary. Non-proactive behavior is one of the biggest complaints of customers, employers and employees alike.

Proactive people demonstrate an ability to systematically gather and assess information and then offer to act upon it in a way that benefits their relationships. The following flow outlines how to make a powerful pro-active offer:

Create Relationship and Trust By Being Interested

  • Using inquiry and reflection, elicit all relevant information (the current situation, people involved, outstanding commitments, organizational dynamics, etc.)

Listen for the openings

  • Ask questions and listen carefully for openings in the conversation.
  • Unexpected openings may present themselves in the conversation. These openings may reveal more potent offers for you to make.
  • Many times we overlook new openings because we are only thinking about what we want to offer. You may already know what offer you want to make but if you make an offer without first creating an opening, success will be limited.
  • Ask the person the following questions to help find the opening:What needs to happen that is not happening?
  • What vision or desired outcome do you have that you want help with?

Desired Results

  • Inquire into what would be the benefits if the needs were met.
  • Elicit specific, measurable results.

Negative Consequences

  • Identify what glitches would happen if needs were not met.
  • Get clear what is at stake if nothing happens.

Making the Offer

Once you have inquired and feel that you are in relationship simply offer what you have to offer. The offer should come out of the fl ow of the conversation. Every offer should be time bound and specific if your intention is to build partnership and trust pro-actively.

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