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We’re Not Just Talking Heads

I’ve spent most of my career working as a consultant in fairly traditional organizations. In the early days, even bringing up the subject of the body was a bit terrifying. I used to think that I couldn’t speak openly about the body or well being or stress and their influence on productivity, effectiveness, and even more importantly, leadership. Times change. Stuart Heller taught me that the head, and what goes on in it, really is a part of the body. And science proved what we suspected all along: our sense of well being really does affect our ability to realize our vision in life.

Over the years, we have introduced various movement-based methods of learning. In our trainings, we teach people to be more connected to their bodies through stretching, attention focusing and centering. In some intensive programs, we have used yoga and even dance.

We have noticed many benefits from bringing the entire body into the learning process. Learning deepens. Focus and stamina improve. Stressful situations have less impact. Participants learn to lead with their whole being and remember that they are not just “talking heads.”

Thomas Crane, in The Heart of Coaching, claims “only 7 percent of the objective message communicated is composed of spoken words. The remaining 93 percent is made up of ‘style’, or meta-communication: tone of voice (38 percent) and body language (55 percent)”. So I am dedicating this “Conversation” to our much abused–but often forgotten–whole being. Take a few full deep breaths and read on. Think about what you can learn from your body.

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