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Sylvain-Yves Longval, Sheldon Division Manager of Abitibi Consolidated Inc., Houston, TX

The Sheldon Mill of Abitibi Consolidated based in Houston, Texas began the process of transforming their workplace culture last year. This mill was able to turn a corner back in December and the results are beginning to really show. Unions and management work together. Employees share the wealth of their knowledge. Their ideas are heeded and implemented. Other results include:

  • Resolved over 65 arbitration/grievance cases with PACE Union in three months
  • Eliminated night shift managers shaving $400,000 per year off company costs and enabling hourly workers to take full charge of the mill
  • Created Standard Operating Procedures manual for machine #6 to be used in training new employees when the machine is restarted
  • Became the ?rst mill within Abitibi to implement alkaline chemistry (With PCC) for a 100% recycle ?ber newsprint mill in 45 days
  • Improved the sheet formation qualities of paper machine #7 by 150% in four weeks through employee involvement, benchmarking and innovative thinking
  • Achieved the best safety record ever despite the tremendous turmoil due to layoffs, machine closure and downtime

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