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Someone Moved Your Cheese. Now What?

In the 1990 film Mermaids, Cher plays a nutty single mom who smokes, serves a continual diet of finger foods to her daughter, and moves to a new town anytime the whim strikes. So she’s not exactly Confucius. But…

Transformational Leadership: The Art of Shifting Cultures

Interview with Sylvain-Yves Longval, Sheldon Division manager of Abitibi Consolidated Inc., Houston, Texas.

Alien Invasion And A Tangerine

Gridlocked traffic, the sound of sirens, flight delays — they’re all obvious triggers for the stress response. But what happens when a trigger gets pulled from the unlikeliest of places — say, a piece…

Trust What? Trust You?

Our passion is about transforming habitual thinking and behaviors that no longer serve today’s fast-paced, interdependent working world. This “Conversation”targets one of the fundamental distinctions of…

Stand Up For Yourself

What If You Knew What You Wanted Out Of Life And Went For It? What If You Stood Up For Yourself And Refused To Sit Back Down? What Would Your Life Be Like If You Stopped Abandoning Your Dreams Or Compromising…

The Body Language of Leadership: Changing the Bureaucracy

Interview with Stuart Heller, PhD., scientist, engineer, psychologist, and martial artist

We’re Not Just Talking Heads

I’ve spent most of my career working as a consultant in fairly traditional organizations. In the early days, even bringing up the subject of the body was a bit terrifying. I used to think that I couldn’t…

Transformational Leadership: Share The Vision By Embodying It

Interview with Katy Lesser, owner, Healthy Living, South Burlington, VT

Connection Comes First

Jay Kaplan, M.D., Medical Director, Studer Group